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Village of Vilna Library Board

Transparency within the Vilna & District Municipal Library

Ensuring transparency within the Library is crucial for both our internal operations and the benefit of the public. Going forward, you will discover the Village of Vilna Library Board Meeting Minutes available for public access on this platform, a departure from the traditional method of storing them exclusively in a binder within the library, as has been practiced in previous years. All historical minutes remain accessible within the library premises or can be requested via email for digital copies. Commencing in 2024, both the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and regular minutes will be consistently posted here, organized by year for ease of reference.

2024 Village of Vilna Library Board

  • Chair: Leroy Kunyk
  • Vice Chair: 
  • Trustee: Ron Farmer
  • Trustee: Don Romanko
  • Trustee: Linda Fenerty
  • Trustee: Mandy Odynski
  • Trustee: Susan Krawchuk
  • Trustee: Janet Abramic

The Village of Vilna Library Board generally meets once a month at 6:30 pm, within the library. See the Events page for our next meeting date.