Our History

The Vilna & District Municipal Library History was best summarized by the late Frank Barry in Voices of Yesteryears Vilna & District History Vol. 1. Below is an excerpt from his contribution.  

Pictured is the late Frank Barry

"The Vilna Library began in 1967 in a small room in the Town Hall... At that time, the Library Board consisted of Bill Greckol (Mayor of Vilna), Joseph Kaziuk, Belle Taschuk, Steffie Semaka, and Nancy Shysh. 

After declining for awhile, the library was revitalized in 1983 when it moved from the Town Hall to the former Park Memorial Funeral building. The Town purchased the building and let the library use it. The increase in space not only meant having more room for more books, but it also meant separate areas could be established for childrens' and adults' books, and an office/work area. Heated only by a small oil heater, the library often had to close because of the cold. 

When the plan for the Vilna Cultural Centre was drawn up, space for the library was included in the plan. In 1985 the Cultural Center was finished and the library moved for a second time. On November 28th, 1985 the official opening of the new library was held. The increase in space lead to more regular hours, more books, and increased membership and circulation. As the amount of work increased, the Library Board decided to hire someone rather than to rely on volunteers, so a part-time library clerk was hired. 

By 1989 the number of books had increased to the point the space was becoming a problem. The Library Board was happy when the AG Society announced that it was building on to the Cultural Center and that the library area would be doubled. The addition was completed in the spring of 1990. 

Besides changing the location and size, a number of other changes have occurred. The number of hours the library is open has varied from 2 hours a week in 1969 to 11 hours a week in the winter in 1985 and 40 hours a week in the summer..." 

Since then the Vilna & District Municipal library has seen many influential Board members, staff and volunteers. We partnered with Northern Lights Library System and many other regional programs to further enhance the collection and distribution of materials.  

Today we are proud to continue the great work that came before us, as we continue to serve Vilna & District.