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Growing Together: Community Supporting Community

March 29 2023

Vilna & District is such a diverse community. Full of wonderful, bright individuals from all walks of life, in all stages of life. Bringing everyone together means working together despite our differences for a common goal. The first step is supporting each other. I know this step seems so easy, so simple, yet it is often the most over looked. Saying you support your neighbour, the local businesses, the clubs or societies and actually taking part in events, volunteering, helping your neighbor time to time or positively engaging in any way, are two very different things. This first is a false sense of support, that doesn't benefit you or any one around. The second breeds joy, pride, and a sense of togetherness in the community, making us stronger together, despite our differences. 

Here at the Vilna & District Municipal Library everyone is welcome to come share their story, their experiences, and their goals for the future. We love connecting with the community over a warm beverage and refreshments (Thank you Vilna Grocery for providing those refreshments). This also helps us to advance our services, events and programs to meet the goals of the community now and in the future. We encourage society's, club's, and local businesses  to send in posters of community events to be shared in the library and within our monthly newsletter. (PS if you haven't signed up yet up you can do so here: Newsletter Sign Up). Let's get out in our community, make connections, and grow together! 

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